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Great Opportunity In Green Energy - Become a Zytech Aerodyne Distributor [2009-7-23]

Even in economy meltdown we are still experiencing a fast growing around the world under the new incentives and encouraged policy in countries. The still-largest segment of the market, residential (1-10kW), was likewise driven by investment and manufacturing economies of scale, but also by rising residential electricity prices and a heightened public awareness of the technology and its attributes.

Zytech Solar, top 5 Spanish solar energy manufacturer, is experiencing this growth with its extending products range and capacity. After acquiring all Lakota and Longbow small wind turbine patent, technology and production line, Zytech Solar invest and build the new Zytech Aerodyne for Solar/Wind Hybrid system developing. Lakota, with reputation of "The Ferrari in the wind" combine with Zytech solar panels present you new green life experience with Zytech Hybrid System.

The U.S. government now offers new 30% Federal Tax Credit for home and business small wind turbines same as solar PV. Zytech is seeking new distributors with good reputation and experience in North America market:
To apply for a Lakota dealership please download, fill out, and return (mail or fax: 34-976-141818) the following dealership application:

Lakota SWTG Dealership Application Form Zytech Aerodyne Distributor Application Form.doc

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