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Zytech AERODYNE Experiences Big Success at Intersolar 09 - San Francisco, U.S. [2009-7-23]

Zytech Aerodyne, the world leading manufacturer of Lakota and Longbow small wind turbine from Zytech Solar Group. Becoming the shining point immediately when show up state-of-the-art Lakoata and Longbow small wind power system with Zytech Solar PV in Moscone Center. As a new Green Energy company in U.S. market, Zytech has attracted views and showed great feature with extended range of renewable energy solutions at its first North America Expo.

Lakota, which be called “the Ferrari in small wind turbine” has been the part of wind market since 1992 and thousands of erections in 115 different countries, over 1000 in North America. After acquired full patent, technology and producton line of Lakota, Zytech is providing Solar/Wind hybrid solution with Zytech PV panel to North America territory. Zytech Hybrid system will become your best option for cost-effective and nature energy use as different peak operating times for solar and wind.

Intersolar, the greatest new energy show and market direction in the world has been the first footprint of Zytech Solar companies succefully. Hundreds dealers of solar and wind have showed their great interests to work with Zytech and be the distributors in North America.


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