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Zytech Aerodyne the Manufacturer of Long Bow and Lakota Wind Turbines [2009-5-26]

Zytech Aerodyne is the leading OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) with advanced technology and robust wind turbines Lakota and Longbow.Our  headquarter in Spain and R&D center in U.S. and Germany.

 Zytech Aerodyne has acquired the whole production line and technology of Lakota which have been part of the wind turbine business since the early 1990s. 

Zytech Aerodyne is a next generation wind turbine manufacturing company specializing in hybrid renewable energy systems and components. Our uni-directional carbon fiber blades that give products the lowest noise emission and high-performance wind generation in the industry.

Small wind turbines are widely used in home and village as power sources. Wind and solar hybrid systems enable a greatly reduced cost of sourcing energy and are a substantial advance in reducing dependence on fossil fuels. Further, the long-range benefits provided by advanced wind turbine technology are extremely beneficial in offsetting today's negative impacts from coal, oil and gas.

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