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Zytech Aerodyne in SOLAREXPO'09-Italy [2009-5-26]
Zytech Aerodyne, a benchmark manufacturer in the Small Wind Energy Systems sector, participated for the first time this year in this exhibition in co-operations with its Italian subsidiary. The annual Solarexpo 2009 was held 7th - 9th May, in Verona.

At this year’s event of Solar Export 2009, the company exhibited its LAKOTA 900 watt version to show off its outstanding performance. The ¨Stealth Quiet¨advanced composite Uni-Directional Carbon Fiber Blades deliver all-round superior air performance in both efficiency and low-noise.

The company also exhibited the Long Bow, which is also notably manufactured to high-performance standards at the highest quality. The company offered a 5-year guarantee on all its wind turbines.

Zytech Aerodyne wind turbines have been generating energy since their launch into the market in 1992. The company’s small wind power systems stand out from others because of their rigour, reliability and quality, and because they are adapted to clients' and the market's needs.

Zytech Group is now represented in Italy, from 2009, through its subsidiary Zyteco, and intends confirming itself in the Italian market of renewable energies solutions as a high quality long-term provider.
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