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Zytech Aerodyne Expands Support for Distributors and Installers [2009-5-15]

Zytech Aerodyne has focused on the market developing of its small wind turbines ever since the company's operation and have Spain/China service center for global distributors.

Zytech Aerodyne is further expanding its network and services with our loyal partners and distributors.While the wind industry is becoming increasingly professional, there is a huge demand for acquiring or learning about mini wind turbines. Accordingly, the company not only offers its partners qualified small wind power systems and components but also further technical training and consultation.

Zytech Aerodyne partners are also informed about the latest technological developments in the manufacturing of our Lakota 900kw wind turbine. In our manufacturing plant at Jiaozhou, partners are able to see how the first-class quality of Lakota 900Kw is achieved based on the corresponding production processes and selection of components.

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