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Believe yourself. Small Wind turbine systems are an emerging technology [2009-5-15]

Everyone has some knowledge from experience, third parties or hearsay. The best thing you can do is read as much as you can and make up your own mind.

Don't go looking for a turnkey system that you can install yourself with a pair of pliers and a screwdriver, because it doesn't exist. Find someone locally if you can, look for a dealer/installer or at least a qualified electrical contractor.

Contact Zytech Aerodyne and check out the newest technology in small wind power systems. Zytech Aerodyne wind turbines deliver "High Quality, High Reliability" and "High performance" along with strong brand name recognition and time tested proving in thousands installations over 100 countries around the world!

Things are moving quickly in the industry, and better, more efficient and reliable hardware is becoming available all the time. Do your own research on what's available and be prepared to get involved with your system or don't attempt it.

Wind turbine performance is not a simple task of comparing watts.

Every installation is different. Tower height, humidity, local effects and a host of other factors can make one turbine look good compared to another but you can't just rely on one aspect of a wind system to decide what's best for your goals.

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