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+  Power Generation

The Lakota turbine uses an 8 pole, 36 slot, 3 phase alternator with 10 winding leads. This allows 4 separate field adjustable settings to be made that will optimize it's output and match it's performance to low, medium, high or severe wind regimes.

The Lakota generator has a high power to weight ratio. It uses a single stator, rare-earth neodymium iron boron permanent magnet in a cast aluminum casing with stainless steel fittings. The upward furling mechanism ensures the Lakota will not "Hide" from high winds but continue to put out up to two times it's rated power without damage to its electrical or mechanical components.

It's precision components are designed for long life. We recommend at least a 60-100 amp DC circuit breaker be used with all installations. Lakota turbines are sealed units and require only annual inspection. No lubrication or overhaul maintenance schedule is required during the life of the generator (approx. 15-20 years).

Marine or desert installations may need more attention to surface corrosion and leading-edge tape on the blades.Helicopter grade leading-edge tape is replaceable if abraded by fine debris or sand. Lakota field units have survived 120mph storms while other units nearby have self-destructed. Vehicle mounted test units continue to output maximum power at over 70mph with no damaging effects.

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